About translation modes

When configuring your translation tasks, different options are available:

Manual mode

This is the default mode. The translation process is started manually by launching the desired translation task on the detail page.

manual mode

  1. Ensure the configuration for the job is valid and saved.
  2. Click "Launch"

The launch button is not available if the task is deactivated. Activate and save the task to launch it.

manual start of translation job

Scheduled mode

The translation tasks will be started automatically based on the configured schedule.

You can select the following scheduling options:

  • once a day - start the task once a day at 03:00 UTC
  • every hour - task will be started every hour at xx:00
  • every 15 minutes - executes the task 4 times every hour: xx:00, xx:15, xx:30 and xx:45

scheduled start of translation job

Even if the task is scheduled, you can still launch it manually in case you want to do so.

Please note that the scheduling option will have no effect on the free plan. See here for more details.