How to set up the TranslatorApp

The TranslatorApp is available as an application to be connected via akeneos app store only.

Please review the application requirements. If you need additional information about apps, head over to the official documentation.

Start the connection process

Head over to the connect area within your Akeneo PIM instance and select "App Store". Then, look for the "TranslatorApp by andworks GmbH" entry - you may use the search to filter the available apps. Click on "Connect" to start the linking process:

Confirm profile information

The TranslatorApp relies on the user management from Akeneo and therefore needs access to your profile information. Login to TranslatorApp will be done via the connected app screen within your Akeneo instance.

  1. Mark the checkbox for terms of use and privacy policy, and click "Allow and next"

Confirm profile information

  1. Review the list of permissions required, and click "Allow and next"

Confirm permission scopes

  1. In the next step, setting the access permissions to your categories, locales and attribute groups needs to be defined. Please select all options as shown in the example.

Category tree permissions

Locale permissions

Attriubte group permissions

  1. The confirmation screen shows a summary of all the things you just granted. Click Confirm.

Confirmation screen

  1. You're already in the TranslatorApp! Please fill in the contact information from your company.

Onboarding contact data

  1. And that's it, you see the dashboard of the TranslatorApp with your instance information.

Dashboard of the TranslatorApp

You may start translating content by configuring the translation tasks.