Known limitations

Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • The translate products and product models tasks apply some limits when querying your Akeneo instance for queued products and product models.
    • In every run, a maximum amount of 100 products are fetched
    • In every run, a maximum amount of 50 product models are fetched
  • The app has been tested with up to 500 translatable attributes on a single product. If you have more, please consider a dedicated test or contact us.
  • The products must be assigned to a family. Products without family are not supported.
  • Akeneo instances only using uuid for product identification are not yet fully supported.
  • The app automatically shortens translated texts to the maximum lengths configured or specified by Akeneo. The limitation applies to:
    • category labels (max. 100 character allowed by Akeneo)
    • attribute labels (max. 100 character allowed by Akeneo)
    • attribute group labels (max. 100 character allowed by Akeneo)
    • labels for table attribute columms (max. 250 character allowed by Akeneo)
    • product attributes of type text (configured "max characters" or 255 characters)
    • product attributes of type textarea with configured "max characters"
    • text values within table attribute values for products (max length configured in table configuration or max 100 characters)
    • text values within reference entity records with max character length configured in attribute
  • If you use product models and decided to maintain the control attributes on the intermediate or variation level, you may not set different source and target locales across the child entities for the same translation run.