Glossaries provide a powerful feature to customize the translations to your need. With glossaries, you can define how you would like to have certain terms being translated from one language to the other.

Manage your glossaries

Depending on the languages you want to translate the product data into, you can create your own glossaries. This allows you to determine how certain words should be translated from a source language into a target language.

Each glossary is defined as a combination of source and target language.

Within the glossary you can then define any terms that should be included in the translations.

You can create up to 10 glossaries.

list of glossaries

Create glossary

To create a new glossary follow the link "Glossary" in the navigation. If you have not yet created a glossary, you will be redirected to the creation screen.

Select the desired combination of source and target language and click on "Save glossary".

create glossary

Manage your glossary

manage glossary

In the glossary management you can add term pairs consisting of selected source and target language to the glossary.

Already existing terms can be deleted from the glossary via "remove".

Please note: When making changes (adding or removing term pairs) to the glossary, it must be synchronized. As long as you do not trigger the synchronization again, the old version of the glossary will still be used for any translations. You can recognize a due synchronization by the button "Sync glossary" in the upper right corner. In addition, a note is displayed in the glossary overview.


  • The maximum number of glossaries is 10.
  • Glossaries are only available for selected combinations of source and target languages. For the moment, the following pairs are supported:
    • from German
      • to English
      • to French
    • from English
      • to French
      • to German
      • to Italian
      • to Japanese
      • to Polish
      • to Spanish
    • from French
      • to German
      • to English
    • from Italian
      • to English
    • from Japanese
      • to English
    • from Polish
      • to English
    • from Spanish
      • to English