Welcome to the TranslatorApp documentation

The TranslatorApp is a software as a service solution that can automatically translate product data from Akeneo PIM instances using the DeepL translation services.

This documentation should help you through the most important topics and questions. If you have additional questions feel free to send an email to support@akeneo-translator.com.

Getting started

What's new

2024-04-12 Glossary imports, formality settings and reference entity filters

  • NEW: Glossary terms can now be imported from Excel documents.
  • NEW: You can now configure the desired formality for translations created in certain languages: more information
  • NEW: Filter for reference entities is now available. More information in the documentation
  • NEW: Additional pricing plans to better suit the needs for translations
  • Fixed: Improved handling of html markup in translations
  • Fixed: Bugfix that caused glossary resolution to fail for en_GB locales
  • Additional pricing options with lower translation volumes are available

2023-10-05 Support for additional language pairs for glossaries

  • The App now supports all language pairs for glossaries which are supported by DeepL.

2023-02-16 Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Export possibility for glossary term
  • Translations now consider configured max length limitations on product attributes and table columns (values which are too long will be truncated to the configured max length of the attribute).
  • Improvements in handling mass updates of translations.
  • "Overwrite existing values" for translations tasks will reset after every task run in order to avoid unintended overwrites.

2022-10-01 Additional language and glossary possibilities

  • Ukrainian language available for translations

2022-08-30 Initial release

  • Publication to app store