The goal of the TranslatorApp is to make translations of any content in your Akeneo PIM Instance as easy as possible. A nubmer of features are available to you.

Supported Akeneo entities

Translation of product and product model values

The TranslatorApp can query your Akeneo instance for products and product models to be translated. In order to mark products or product models for translation, dedicated "control attributes" are created. With these, you can queue products or product models to be picked up by TranslatorApp for translation.

The setup of these control attributes is automated and can be initiated from within the TranslatorApp application. See the documentation for more details.

If you are using product models in your instance, you may want to have a look at how the TranslatorApp handles the inheritance within variant families by consulting the corresponding section in this documentation.

Attribute Types

The following attribute types are supported on product and product models:

  • Text pim_catalog_text
  • Text area pim_catalog_textarea
  • Table pim_catalog_table

Please note that third party table plugins are not supported.

Remarks for table attributes

As you may know, table attributes support different types of columns. The TranslatorApp can translate columns of type text. Values in other types of columns can be copied to the translated table values if desired.

Translation of categories

For categories, the labels can be translated in all supported languages.

The TranslatorApp will translate all categories in all the trees that are configured.

Translation of reference entities

If you are using the enterprise edition of Akeneo, you may also translate the reference entites in your system.

This task will translate the labels of your reference entities as well as the labels of the attributes.

Translation of reference entity records

This job is only available if you are using an enterprise edition of Akeneo.

The records of all your reference entities can be translated. Similar to products, only the values of localizable text attributes will be translated.

Translation of attribute labels

As with categories, all labels of all attributes can be translated.

If you are using table attributes, the column labels will be translated as well.

Translation of attribute options

For supported attributes, the option labels can be translated.

The supported attribute types are:

  • Simple select pim_catalog_simpleselect
  • Multi select pim_catalog_multiselect

Translation of attribute groups

The labels of your attribute groups can be translated.


Glossaries are a powerful tool to adapt translations to the language usage in your industry. You can create up to 10 specific glossaries with your own term pairs.

More about this in the separate documentation.

Translation modes

The TranslatorApp can run completely automated, or you may choose to start translation jobs manually.

More about the different modes in the corresponding section.


To further customize how the TranslatorApp should handle translations for your Akeneo instance, the following options are available:


If there is something missing here, have a look at the upcoming features on the Roadmap. If you have any other ideas, feel free to submit them by email to support@akeneo-translator.com.