Translation control attributes


Translating product and product model data requires some sort of indication if a product should be translated or not.

The TranslatorApp uses dedicated control attributes to let the user control the translation process.

Control attributes

The TranslatorApp uses the following attributes to control the tranlation process on products or product models:

Control attributes in Akeneo

In this example, a translation of the product values from en_US to de_DE and fr_FR has been queued.

Explanation of the control attributes

Attribute Purpose
Translation source locale Allows you to choose the source locale for the translations. The available options are created based on the activated locales in your PIM instance. 1
Translation target locale You can choose the desired target locales for the translation process. As with the source locale attribute, the available options are created based on the activated locales.
Queue for Translation If set to yes, the product (or product model) values will be translated. Please consult translation attribute levels to learn more about the effects of this attribute being configured on different levels.

Setup of control attributes

The setup of the required control attributes is automated by the TranslatorApp for Akeneo, but has to be initated manually in the settings area within the TranslatorApp for Akeneo:

Instance setttings

As you can see, the "Status of control attributes" indicates that the process was not started.

Click on the "Setup instance" button to launch a job that will

  1. Create a new attribute group "TranslatorApp Translations" (code: akde_translations)
  2. Create a new attribute "Source locale for translation" (code: akde_source_locale_for_translation)
  3. Create a new attribute "Target locales for translation" (code: akde_target_locales_for_translation)
  4. Check the activated locales within your Akeneo instance and for all supported locales, create attribute options within the "Source locale for translation" and "Target locales for translation" attributes 1
  5. Assign the created attributes to all families in your PIM instance.

Validation of attribute setup

In order to validate the setup of attributes, you can click the "validate setup" button. This will query your Akeneo instance for the existence of the control attributes. In case of errors, you may click "Setup instance" again, as the setup process is repeatable.

The validation result will be shown on the page:

attribute setup validation result

  1. Please note that if you introduce new locales in your Akeneo PIM instance, the option lists for the source and target locale attributes need to be updated accordingly. The same applies if you remove an already activated locale from all channels.